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Inspire and Senior Lock-In


INSPIRE is a grassroots non-profit founded by Jesse Ramirez. As First Generation College graduates themselves they know the power a higher education can have on their own lives and the greater impact a college education can have on the larger community. They are both inspired by the power of youth can have in not only identifying challenges in their communities but most importantly as solution builders in making our communities stronger.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of INSPIRE is to ignite, train, and invest in our Youth to become Social Change Agents. We strive for cross-generational impact in breaking the cycles of oppression in our families, schools and communities. We believe empowered Youth have the ability to construct innovative solutions and generate hope for an equitable future.

Senior Lock - In

During the Senior Lock-IN on October 27, 2017 seniors will attend the following 60 minute long sessions:

  • Kickoff Celebration
    • INSPiRE Co-Founders will create an inspirations setting to start the Senior-IN.
    • Tower of Power Workship.
  • College Applications
    • Currently only about 50% of seniors have applied to college.
    • Students will attend a session with the goal to apply to 1-2 colleges during the session.
    • We will have representatives from 4-year, 2-year, and vocational colleges and university and trade schools to support students as they apply.
  • Owning our Dreams
    • 1st Generation Students and low-income students often cite not feeling prepared as the number reason of not pursing a higher education.
    • They have also been told their dreams are not attainable or achievable.
    • During this session students will have the opportunity to explore and share their dreams.
  • Overcoming Obstacles
    • Students will identify obstacles young people face every day in their communities.
    • Students will explore how they and others overcome these obstacles they are seeing.
    • Students will explore possibilities within the obstacles to pursue a better life.
  • Closing Circle
    • Students will have the opportunity to acknowledge themselves and each other for the support they get in making their dreams come true.
    • Students will sign a commitment to college banner.