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Lester Arnold High School
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The Phoenix

                   Rise like the Phoenix, By Ashley Baughman
This time last year, Lester R. Arnold High School had a completely different reputation than the one we are currently upholding. The School's reputation has been entirely rewritten: a Phoenix is reborn. Along with the many improvements made we also had to choose a new mascot. What better way to represent my peers than with the noble Phoenix itself? The Legend of the Phoenix says that at the end of its lifetime, it engulfs into flames and is reborn from its very own ashes. Fire symbolizes destruction and despair where a school of young adults that all have experienced being stuck between a rock and a hard place; otherwise we wouldn’t be enrolled at Lester Arnold. Yet we all had the ability to overcome the rubble of our lives.  We took the initiative to rise above our ashes, rather than lie down and let those become who we are. Each and every student here has chosen to attend Lester Arnold High School knowingly we taking the steps to overcome the predetermined circumstance of our individual lives, past struggles will not hold us back our only direction is forward and to rise like the Phoenix.