You Make a Difference

Volunteering at school is a great way to show your child that school is an important part of your family’s life. So is helping with math homework or reading a book together. In fact, any way you demonstrate to your child that you value education can make a difference. When you do, research shows there are some real benefits.

Higher grades. Kids whose parents are involved in their education get better grades and have higher test scores. And the more parents are involved, the more their children seem to benefit.

Better behavior. Children develop better social skills and show improved behavior at school. Studies have shown that kids are less likely to skip school, are less disruptive in class, and are more likely to do their homework when their parents are involved.

Improved education. Research shows that parent involvement can help improve the quality of schools, raise teacher morale, and boost a school’s reputation. Involved parents gain the respect of teachers; as a result, teachers have higher expectations of their children.

Increased confidence. When students feel supported at home and school, they develop more positive attitudes, have more self-confidence, and place a higher priority on doing well. Children of involved parents are more likely to feel included and respected.

Parents benefit, too. When parents get involved, they become more comfortable in the school building, gain confidence in their parenting skills, and feel more capable of helping their children learn. They’re also more likely to continue their own education.

For more information on how to get involved with Lester Arnold's parent group please contact the Main office at 303-853-3301.