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Student Council

2018-2019 Student Council


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Current Members


Anna-Marie Rivera

She/Her | Senior

After Graduation: Anna plans on going on to college and then become a part of Social Services to help protect kids in dangerous situations.

Fun Fact: Anna enjoys practicing special-effect makeup and writing poems and stories.

Definition of Leadership: "Becoming a person who people can count on. Becoming a person who knows what is best for their group and learning from your mistakes to try and become a better person and leader."


Ariana Rivera

She/Her | Senior

After Graduation: Ari plans on going to Culinary School, then Business School so she can have her own bakery.

Fun Fact: Ari lvoes to bake desserts, especially for other people to enjoy. "I love to make other people happy and bring joy into people's lives."

Definition of Leadership: "Someone who encourages others to be successful and brings change to what they believe in." 


Guadalupe Rocha

She/Her | Junior

After Graduation: Lupe plans on going to college and to continue working. 

Fun Fact: Lupe loves helping others as much as she can. She loves to draw, sing, and paint. "I'm an adventurous person and love to learn new things!"

Definition of Leadership: "Someone or something leading another into a belief, idea or action."